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Le CBD et la conduite : Décryptage de la loi française en 2024

CBD and driving: Decryption of French law in 2024


CBD and driving: what French law says

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural remedy that is growing in popularity. Nearly six million French people have already purchased CBD for its therapeutic effects. It is used to relieve various everyday ailments, including nervousness, stress, sleep disorders, acne and even chronic pain. However, its impact on daily activities, such as driving, is still poorly understood.

CBD: a booming substance

Extracted from hemp (Cannabis Sativa L.), CBD has gained popularity in recent years thanks to its many health benefits. In December 2021, the legalization of CBD, provided it contains less than 0.3% THC, paved the way for greater accessibility. Consumers now have an ever-widening range of options to integrate CBD into their lifestyle and meet their needs.

Driving after consuming CBD: what the law says

Unlike THC, CBD does not have major psychotropic effects. This means that it should not significantly impair cognition. However, French law ruled a few months ago. According to the Court of Cassation, driving after using CBD is prohibited, as long as it causes the presence of traces of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a narcotic product. This decision could become a brake on the growth of this industry.

Implications of the decision of the Court of Cassation

The decision of the Court of Cassation raised many questions among CBD consumers. Although CBD itself does not have psychotropic effects, it may contain traces of THC, which is a controlled substance. This means that even if you consume CBD legally, you could be in violation if you drive afterwards.

In conclusion, although CBD offers many health benefits, it is important to know the legal implications of its use, especially when it comes to driving. Before consuming CBD, it is recommended to learn about local laws and consult a healthcare professional.

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